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Modify Your Interior with Motarised Blinds

We specialize in motorized roller blinds. Our professional team can help you to install motorized blinds at your place. We provide a complete range of options for motorized blinds.

Motorized blinds are great addition to any place and these are hassle free as it can be operated with remote control or wall mounted switches. Motorized roller blinds add style and elegance to your home and office. These fully automated blinds are controlled by remote. These blinds are operated without any chains which gives clean and hassle-free look. We provide automated blinds in different fabric and colors.

Blind Designers is one of the leading manufacturer companies in the world, the company is based in New Zealand. The Blind Designers is a New Zealand based manufacturer company, it specializes in making your house fancy and sophisticated. Blind designers have a wide range of blinds with different colors, designs, and styles. Blind is a necessary object, as it keeps the sun out without killing the look with long curtains. With the help of your blind, you can work on your device at a window side without any struggle with light.

Motorized blinds are the most convenient type of blinds you will ever find it offers the ability to open and close blinds seamlessly and quietly with the touch of a button. With convenience, motorized blinds also offer security and the ability to maximize the energy efficiency of your blinds. The Motorised blinds nz (New Zealand) adds ultimate luxury and sophistication to your interior. In Blind Designers, you get a wide range of options for your motorised blinds, colors, designs, fabric, etc. These motorized blinds are operated by a remote, which you can open and close and it can be automatic as well, and the remote also comes with a long-life battery and has fifteen channels on it. These blinds do not cause any kinds of noise during shutting and opening, it is quietly operated, and has lift capacity. In addition to convenience and privacy, motorised blinds can help you cut down on your energy bill too. If you are environmentally conscious or mindful of your budget, these blinds can help you control how your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system deals with the sun. There is a benefit to purchasing your motorised blinds from Blind Designers, as it is budget-oriented and after all the advantages provided by motorised blinds, you will know motorised blinds are worth it. Motorised blinds last 5-10 years, depending on how you use them. With all these advantages, motorised blinds are cordless systems which makes them one of the safest window treatment options for anyone. Apart from all these advantages, there are many other benefits to buying your motorised blinds from Blind Designers, such as:

    Motorised Curtain Rail: With high-quality blinds, the Blind Designers also provide amazing motorised Curtain rails. In these curtain rails, you can control your curtains with remote control. These are the best Remote curtains Auckland you will ever find.

    Customize Your Design: You can modify your interior look with the best look possible with decorations and beautiful interior objects. At Blind Designers, you get the option to choose your design according to your walls and surrounding to suit the best. In any other store, you do not get an option for customization on your blinds’ designs. You can choose the color, structure, size, and type of your dual blind.

    Zero Compromise On Quality: The Blind Designers promise to offer the best quality products to customers, there is no kind of compromise in quality. The dual blinds are made with the best fabric that lasts longer than usual and the brackets are made with solidity, so they don’t break easily.

How to buy our Motarised Blinds

We provide a wide range of quality motarised blinds to fit to your requirement. We also provide motorized curtains, where you can control your curtains with remote control. Our fully trained team will measure and customize blinds for your home and will provide you easy installation.

  • Customize Your Design
  • No compromise on quality
  • Classic blind controls light
  • Fully natural colors used
  • Best choice blinds & curtains
  • Open close easily by wand tilt

Delivery & Fitting Guide

If you are looking for this trendy option for your new house or office or you need to give new look to your old place feel free to contact our friendly team today on 09 390 1000 to get a free quote