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Modify Your Interior with Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds suit most design and fit perfectly in any office or home. It gives great control over light and shade, privacy and design as you can chose a range of materials and colours. Blades in venetian blinds give control over the light and shade you want inside your room. It blocks harmful UV lights and protects furnishing and furniture in the home.

The Blind Designers is a New Zealand based manufacturer company, it specializes in making your house fancy and sophisticated. Blind designers have a wide range of blinds with different colors, designs, and styles. Blind is a necessary object, as it keeps the sun out without killing the look with long curtains. In earlier times, the blinds were only used in hospitals and offices but nowadays, the blinds are so modernized and have emerged in sophistication that they can be used anywhere in your home, hotels, inns, restaurants, factories, and Industries. Most of the blinds are usable in offices, factories, and Industries, as it gives the modern look. Most importantly, unlike curtains, you do not have to struggle with blinds by folding them in half, as these blinds are super-easy to use and don’t bother the look. Venetian Blinds are one of the popular kinds of blinds in the Blind Designers, it is a window blind consisting of horizontal slats which can be pivoted to control the amount of light that passes through it. The Venetian blinds nz are simple and discrete that can be used to give color and vibrancy to a room. The blades in Venetian blinds are designed in order to give you control over the light and shade you want inside your room. Venetian blinds also specialize in blocking harmful UV lights and protect you and your furniture from direct contact with UV rays. So, Venetian blinds are the most convenient yet one of the cheapest blinds you will find in the Blind Designers. It works not only to protect your interior from UV lights but also adds charm and modernity to your interior. But why should you buy it from Blind Designers? There are many reasons to buy your Venetian blinds from Blind Designers, a few of them are:

    Tailored To Your Specifications: Blind Designers give you the option of customization, which means you can choose color, design, and style for your blinds. The best part of Blind Designers is that the fully trained team of the company will measure and customize the blinds according to your requirements and the team will provide you easy installation of blinds.

    More Versatility: Venetian blinds last years to years and they are easy to maintain. These blinds are versatile, if you use them properly, they will look just the same even after years. Good quality Venetian blinds can last up to 10-12 years, but it is important to notice that if you use them roughly or do harsh handling then they might not last long.

    Sophistication And Modern Look: These Venetian blinds Auckland are specialized and designed in a way to add sophistication and modernity to your interior. You can match your blinds with the color of your walls and give your house a new look and with the help of customization, it is very easy to get the look you want.

    Convenient Shopping And Easy Delivery: The Blind Designers do not include any kind of rocket science for the shipping, you just need to fill in a few details and choose the blinds you like, then you’re good to go. After your order has been placed, the delivery does not cause any trouble too, it has very easy and if you book a consultation then it gets easier to install the blinds.

    Budget And Affordability: The Blind Designers are budget-oriented, which means you can get high-quality materials at affordable prices. So, you can buy your Venetian blinds Auckland at the most affordable price only at Blind Designers.

Our range of Venetian Blinds

We provide good quality made to measure blinds.
We have a range of venetian blinds including aluminium, faux-wood and wooden options.

  • Aluminium venetian blinds: Aluminium blades provided in these blinds are best for sunny rooms or humid bathrooms as it does not rust or fade. These provide good control over light and privacy.
  • Faux wood venetian blinds: Faux wood venetian blinds offer a great range of neutral colors to choose from. These provide great control over light and privacy in any room and gives style statement to any space.
  • Wooden venetian blinds: Wooden venetian blinds can give warmth and class to any window. It can add features to any window. These blinds are best for sunny rooms. These wooden slats are available in different sizes and colours to match your window size.

How to buy our Venetian Blinds

We provide good quality made to measure blinds. Our fully trained team will measure and customize blinds for your home and will provide you easy installation.

  • Customize Your Design
  • No compromise on quality
  • Classic blind controls light
  • Fully natural colors used
  • Best choice blinds & curtains
  • Open close easily by wand tilt

Delivery & Fitting Guide

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